Luxury homes

Today we have this exclusive offer of luxury homes for sale marbella.
First house: Luxurious large yellow house with an area of ​​240 m2
An unmissable first aspect is the color of the house (it is a yellow house), which is fenced with a simple white fence. Next to the house we can see a large garage, which can park up to five cars, so you do not have to decide where to park the car. When we enter the house, the first thing that interests us is the beautiful terrace and next to it a large swimming pool, so you can go swimming at any time. Next to the pool are planted ornamental palm trees and flowers, which add an even greater summer atmosphere to the whole house.
When we enter the first room, we can see the first room, which is a large bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen is very spacious, in a white-black design. Another room is a children\’s room for boys, decorated in blue-gray color, is equipped with a desk, wardrobes, drawers, the room has toys for a boy to play (toy cars). Another room is the living room, which has a really big touch TV and a beautiful sofa. When you sit on it, you feel terribly good.


The last room is the bedroom. The bedroom is really spacious. When we enter the bedroom, we can see a large spacious double bed with purple sheets and a view from the balcony directly to the garden, where fruit trees are planted.
Number of rooms: three
Price 200,000 euros


Second house: Ancient house in modern style
This house is not for everyone, it is more for those types of people who prefer the old-fashioned and older, but elegant style of the house. At the entrance to the house we are interested in a swimming pool with clear and clear water. We can also see that there are two green palm trees at the entrance to the door. The house has three large rooms (bedroom with two large double beds, living room and a beautiful children\’s room) + kitchen and a spacious bathroom. Its area is 400 m2.
Price 400,000 euros

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